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Applications for positions with the NTG are limited to a maximum-one-page summary sheet with an attached resume.  Applicants are not required to address each of the selection criteria individually.  For more detailed information on applying for NTG jobs, click here.

Did you know the keyword search can be used to find vacancies for a specific designation?  For example, searching for keyword AO3 will find vacancies for the Administrative Officer 3 designation level. If you would like to search for vacancies within a range of designations e.g. AO6-SAO1 this can be done by entering the salary/remuneration package ranges for these levels. For detailed information on designations including salary ranges click here

Changes to Northern Territory Public Sector Agency Arrangements

Applicants are advised that effective September 2016 some structural and agency name changes occurred in the Northern Territory Public Sector.A short transitional period will occur where advertised positions and job descriptions may refer to agency names or business units that now operate under different agencies. Any vacancies with the former names will be updated during the transitional period and will not have any impact on applicants.  Should you require further advice regarding any aspect of the Northern Territory Public Sector recruitment process please contact Department of Corporate and Information Services, Recruitment Services on: 1300 659 247


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The Northern Territory Government values diversity in the workplace and aims to achieve a workforce that is representative of the community it serves.

Most jobs in the Northern Territory Public Sector (NTPS) are advertised with a remuneration ‘package’. In most cases the package incorporates annual salary + 9.5% employer superannuation contributions + 17.5% leave loading bonus + the value of two weeks extra recreation leave (noting most NTPS jobs have six weeks recreation leave). Some jobs may include additional items in the package amount. The vacancy displays the lowest and highest salary package applicable for this job, there may be other increment points and or allowances within this range.